The Padarn Embedded Web Server

What Is Padarn?

Padarn is a very small-footprint ASP.NET web server designed for applications where you need a lightweight, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-configure web server.  Typical installations include Windows Embedded Compact (Windows CE) and Windows Embedded Standard (Windows Embedded XP) but Padarn will run on any Windows Desktop environment (well anything that can host the .NET Framework - we've not tested anything released before Windows XP).

Padarn provides an ever-growing subset of Microsoft's ASP.NET APIs which allow OEMs to leverage existing ASP.NET code and ASP.NET developer resources to get their product to market faster. Using Padarn also helps facilitate sharing code bases across platforms.

Some typical uses for Padarn include:

  • Web-based device administration (think of a typical SOHO WiFi router)
    Create web-based front ends for almost any system. From test and measurement devices and networking appliances to telematics and industrial automation, if your device has network connectivity, you can leverage Padarn to create a front end that any browser on any platform can reach.
  • Exposing REST Services for accessing device capabilities
    Create REspresentational State Transfer services so external client applications (web sites, mobile devices, desktop applications, etc) can directly and securely access device data and resources.

Simply put, if you have a device that you would like to remotely configure, update, query data from or run reports on then Padarn is the solution for you.

How much does Padarn cost?

Padarn is a device-licensed product, so it doesn’t matter how many developers you have using it, nor how many clients attach to the devices.  Licenses are what we term “forever licenses”, meaning that once a device is licensed, you can upgrade that device to newer versions of Padarn forever (if you want to, you don't have to), even if we make major revision to Padarn – not just minor updates and bug fixes.

The per-device cost varies with volume.  For lower volumes, here are the current prices:


5 units = $600 ($120 ea)
10 units = $1,000 ($100.00 ea)  
25 units = $1,500 ($60.00 ea)
100 units = $2,000 ($20.00 ea)
500 units = $2,500 ($5.00 ea)
1,000 units = $3,000 ($3.00 ea)

The price per device drops pretty quickly if you have higher volume requirements, so feel free to contact us for a quote if you have higher volumes.

We believe that the best way to document a product like Padarn is through a set of hands-on labs (HOLS) showing how to use it.  We are constantly working to provide labs for common customer requests and features, so if you don't see something that covers your scenario, feel free to let us know.



The HOL download above (last updated on July 24, 2012) includes the labs below. In some cases we have the code done but not the lab manual.  In those cases, we've included the code wiothout a manual becasue even code alone can be a useful example for features.

Lab Number Lab Name Code Lab Manual
HOL 100 Creating a Padarn Web Solution
HOL 101 Creating a Hello World Padarn Web Page
HOL 111 Securing a Padarn Site with SSL
HOL 112 Understanding Padarn's HttpRequest Object
HOL 115 Accessing POST data with Padarn
HOL 116 Overriding Page.Render in Padarn
HOL 117 Using jQuery in Padarn


Even with hands-on labs, we recognize that many developers like a good set of API documentation.

Click here to view the MSDN-style documentation of the Padarn APIs