The Smart Device Framework

The Smart Device Framework is aimed at developers wanting to simplify and reduce the cost of their development experience using the .NET Compact Framework. By providing useful extensions the core .NET Compact Framework class libraries, the Smart Device Framework enables developers to concentrate on building core application functionality.

Version 2.3 of our industry standard class libraries continues to bridge the gap between the .NET Compact Framework and the .NET Framework.

Please note: The Professional and Standard Editions require Visual Studio 2008 and are not compatible with Visual Studio 2005.


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v2.3.12004 - January 2012

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The Smart Device Framework is available in three editions: Community, Standard, and Professional.  All editions come with the same Smart Device Framework assemblies.  Higher level editions are simply provide more code, more usability features, and, most importantly, more support.

Licensing for the Smart Device Framework is per developer.

Standard Edition Professional Edition
Feature-packed class libraries
Sample applications (with source code)
Online documentation
IntelliSense support in IDE code view
WinForms Designer Support (CF 2.0 only)
Integrated class library documentation
Project Templates pre-configured with SDF references
Full source code for Class Libraries
2 email support incidents
An additional 3 email support incidents
Full source code for MSTest Unit & Integration tests
Online access to all version (inc. source code) for 1 year